1975, April 2021

  |  Construction Updates

We are pleased to provide the progress achieved on-site to date for 1975 Malvern East.

The following is the progress of the works to date:

– Framing: 100% Completed
– Masonry works: 100% Completed
– Roofing installation: 90% Completed
– Services rough in: 80% Completed
– External cladding installation underway

Project completion is forecasted to be achieved by October 2021. Settlement is anticipated to be sometime in November 2021.

It is recommended to commence the finance process if you require one. Please do not underestimate the amount of time required to complete the finance process to ensure you are organized for a smooth and timely settlement.

We are pleased to introduce Skyward Settlement Management who will be assisting with settlement at 1975 Malvern East. Danny or James will be in touch to co-ordinate bank finance valuations (if required), pre-settlement inspections and any other queries you may have to ensure smooth settlement.
We are pleased to attached photos taken from the site, showing the progress of the works to date.

We shall keep you updated on progress in the coming months and look forward to sharing regular updates on your future home at each milestone reached.