1975, September 2021

  |  Construction Updates

We are pleased to provide the progress achieved on-site to date for 1975 Malvern East.

The following is the progress of the works to date:

  • Electrical- 90% completed
  • Joinery- 84% completed
  • Mechanical – 90% completed
  • Fixing – 89% completed
  • Appliances – 23% completed
  • Painting – 72% completed
  • Fixtures and fittings – 76% completed
  • Landscaping works – 70% completed

Due to the government’s new restrictions announced on 20 September 2021, all construction sites will be shut down for 2 weeks. This will affect the completion date of your new homes. This also delays the final council inspection before we can lodge for Titles to be registered. We are now expecting the settlement to be in late November or early December subject to the Titles being registered. We anticipate bank valuations inspection to be conducted around late October.